Ink Jet Printer JET HQC





Ink Jet Printer JET HQC

PC coder JET HQC debut in the market at low price !

▼JET HQC operation key

Easy to see a screen panel and to operate


Light-weight compact body to pursue "Easy to use for anyone"

(1) Large and clear indication characters thanks to installing graphic liquid crystal screen.
(2) Large-sized colored buttons and easy-to-understand symbols make it easy to edit information to be printed. 
(3) All-in-one design enables to store its accessories compactly in a body.
(4) Compact design enables to be equipped to an existing line at later time.

Though attractive price, HQC is fully equipped with abilities wanted for an existing ink jet printer.

(1) Simple to operate for anyone due to a few technical terms.
(2) A level equipment installation enables to confirm its level.
(3) By printing start order and 3 output signals able to connect outside equipments, possible to link neighboring system.
(4) Data is safely backed up by connecting with a personal computer for just in case (communication cable, software - necessary) - thus, this can be used with ease.
(5) Connection of those 2 HQCs to communication cable enables data copy between equipments.
(6) Numbering, auto calendar and expiration date printing functions are installed.

Reliable in-house development system

(1) Installation of in-house printhead provides with reliability.
(2) We developed in-house ink. "protection system not to make mistake in putting different color ink in different vessel" is applied.



JET HQC is very easy adjustable by yourself.



Printing method

Piezo ceramics drive drop on demand

Nozzle alignment

32 nozzle 2hole/nozzle

Letter height

1-20mm(at slant control) 25.4mm (when vertically)


Alpha-numeral, katakana, kanji (48 letters)

Font design



Half dot (16x16) full dot (32x32)

Greatest speed line

200m/min.(density 1) 33m/min.(density 9)

Number of heads


Ink eject direction

Sideway only

Printing lines

1 line / 2 lines

Printing objects

Corrugated cardboard, paper, wood, other poromeric materials

Work search

Head-part photoelectric sensor outside photoelectric sensor

Number of Chinese characters installed

48 letters

Number of registered messages

10 messages

Date/time printing ability

year (dominical year), month, date, hour (24h/12h), minute, corresponding to free format Possible to set offset value

Numbering capability

Maximum 8 lines, upping, corresponding to carried figureset

External output points

3 points (preparation ready/low ink /alarming)

Use environment

5-35 10%-80%RH (no dew condensation)


AC100V (plus & minus)10% 50/60HZ 40W(MAX)


Dkind - reaching ground